Monday, March 17, 2014

Initial Hang-up

Simple and Effective - Truly Difficult

I have been working on a logo for my writing/illustrating for a while. I had some ideas that came and went but ultimately not one of the 6 ehhhh designs felt right to me or my number one fan, my husband Martin.  A few days ago  I posted them to get responses from my FB friends. While it attracted very few comments I got a critique from Thea Eaton who provided me with the no's I needed to hear but also with the path to finding my new logo signature.
Make a signature that I could replicate easily for book signings. Duhhh Heather that is brilliant and so sensible I feel silly not thinking of it myself but I was hung up using my initials. I guess that can be called an initial hang-up! Although she suggested using my first name and last initial the double H has been part of me since birth and I have always loved it and my last name is unique. By the was it is pronounced Stef * Fens.

I came upon a font that I liked and could reproduce quickly, practiced a bit by tracing, made a few alterations  and presto I loved it, Martin loved it and I hope to sign it so many times that it flows from my Sharpie with out thought.

The font is called Paradiso so perfect it is paradise!