Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Just Another Reject

Once again I received a lovely rejection letter thanking me for my effort and a sorry not right for us. Do not be too sad for me because with every NO, I know that I am closer to a YES, because I am working towards it not just dreaming of it.

Top 5 Things I have learned since I have committed myself to picture book writing and illustrating.

1. Do Not Fear Rejection: We all get them and the more you try for a yes the more no's you will get.

2. Everybody Has Different Advise: The more I try to figure out how to make a perfect Query for submission the more varied the suggestions become. Although READ SUBMISSION GUIDLINES is always the same.
3. Everybody has Different Opinions: One persons rejection is another persons find of a life time. Keep submitting, see #1.

4. Do Not Fear the Query: It is just a SHORT business letter and with each rejection you get to practice writing another.

5. I am a  Picture Book Writer/Illustrator: Writing and Illustrating Picture Books makes me a Picture Book Writer/Illustrator, Published or Not.