Friday, December 13, 2013

Growing banana Seeds

Within my daily life I come up with all kinds of crazy thought, silly songs and story ideas. I have recently deemed all this fun stuff "Banana Seeds" (BS). 

Recently, I moved in to my new fabulous Studio/Office  and could finally empty out the boxes, envelopes and a few baskets of my BS that I have been collecting for almost two decades. In an effort to organize I planted each seed in a file which are all in a neat row in the file cabinet. A few I have grown in to full fledge plants that I hope will bear fruit but I can only wait and see now. A few seedlings look fairly promising. I have a lot of work to do with no promises of bananas, but it sure is fun.

Samples of current BS seedlings:
PB about the journey of barnacle larva
Middle Grade story about life growing up in a funeral home. I create characters that I ask social media friends to name with suggestions and voting.