Thursday, December 12, 2013

Unexpected Joys and Opportunities

Unexpected Joys and Opportunities is the outcome of living life with hope. As I follow my creative path into the world of Picture Book (P/B) publishing, my goal has been to create work that can have a positive impact. How lucky am I to receive my first illustration commission that will allow me to do just that. And as most excellent things in my life, this opportunity came out of the blue.

A chance meeting with Mrs. Vivian E. McIver led to a chat about what our interests, I mentioned that I write and illustrate picture books. Guess what? She had written children's book that she needed an illustrator for. As luck would have it we were on my Best friends and neighbors back porch. Five minutes later I had my colorful illustrations in front of her eyes.

A few weeks later I receive a package with the manuscript in the form of a "Dummy Book". Thirteen page spreads to tell about the wonderful life of "Bishop Ida Robinson". This is a page from the book that sums up her great work "The Holy Spirit spoke to Elder Robinson about doing a special work for God that would allow women preachers to have the same rights as men preachers. In 1924 Mt. Sinai Holy Church of America, Inc. was started" ~ The Story of Bishop Ida Robinson.