Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Beach House and Opportunity

The Beach House and Opportunity

Sometimes in life we are handed spectacular opportunities that we must have the fortitude to grab.
Living the dream is hard work and takes courage, I know because almost three years ago that is what my husband, Martin and I did.
 Do not get me wrong we had a great life with a beautiful house, terrific friends, a great job and a thriving business and I am grateful for it all but, that wonderful stuff did not fulfill my dreams to create children's books or Martin's desire to live near the ocean. I dabbled at my dream and we visited the ocean occasionally as we lived our blessed life in Ohio valley with no clue what opportunity was in our future.
Memorial Day 2011 we visited a great friend of mine who lives at the beach. The house on either side of her was for sale. One was way out of our budget, the other was neighborhood bird house since hundreds of starlings, sparrows and who knows what had made homes in the walls and eves, but was priced to sell! With no plan we bought the wreck of two beach cottages. I started packing a beach survival kit the moment we were home and Martin quit his job within 6 hours of returning to work, the transformation had started, we were going to live our dreams.