Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Unifying Fact of My Life

Unifying Fact of My Life

"Personal uniqueness, is the one well writers have to draw from, that no one else can" is the theme that I grabbed hold of this morning as I lay in bed thinking of today's  PiBoIdMo 2014 idea. It occurred to me that I have one great big fact that has played such important roll in my life that I can trace most of the important things back to it. The paths I have traveled; people in my life; strange jobs I have worked; the art I make; traveling the world; the many places I have settled;  my best friends and the man of my dreams all sprout from this single fact that unifies my uniqueness.

My grandparents owned  a fair grounds and every year they organized and ran their very own fair.  It was the best week of the year for me. When the dusty rocky 100 acres was transformed into the happiest memories of my childhood. The story potential hmmmmmm.....

Found this article of how it became their very own.

This was from the last year the fair was run!  (I think)