Monday, May 26, 2014

New Idea Dilemma

New Idea Dilemma: This happens often to me and a is a prime reason my husband gets so annoyed with my work style.

I do not think I am alone in this habit of abandoning my almost done work for a new idea that will not stop gnawing at the inside of head.  Eventually I will get back to what I had been doing but when inspiration speaks it is hard not to listen.  My spark came while cleaning my office. This wonderful drawing by Thomas, my grandson, surfaced as a wild banana seedling.

I transplanted the seedling to a book cover, as suggested in a Fireside Chat with Peter H. Reynolds. "What about getting submissions out for what you have, and finishing the half finished projects" Martin suggests hopefully. 
"It is just the cover. I need to put down the idea or I will loose it for when I need it." I said believing myself.

Wellllllll........ The story will not let me go. as I try to fine tune a story board all I want is to work on story boarding "My Monster Maker" A little boy who's creative powers bring mischiefs monsters to life causing the young artist a spot of trouble.
I have a slew of excellent, original Thomas monster drawings that I would like to incorporate.  How could I not be excited? What should I do when faced with a New Idea Dilemma?