Thursday, May 8, 2014

#NESCBWI14 - Who Am I Writing For?

One of the most thought provoking comments made over the weekend was posed by Laurel Snyder, during her speech, "Who are you writing for?" Many PB creators are parents or teachers, inspired to write for the little ones who bless there lives. I am neither. Although I adore children and have 6 soon 8 (step) grandchildren, I do not create for them. My audience is the 5 year old me. A child, who's parents were not equipped to teach social graces.

Most of my stories have an underlying theme of overcoming prejudices and making, as well as keeping friends, which for me was difficult.  I spent most of my thirties figuring this out, pouring my emotion in to my stories. It was my therapy, a way to calmly work through my anger, fear and lack of confidence intensified through the years of being truly socially awkward and not knowing it!

Good news, I can overcome, and adjust my behavior to become a better version of me. Looking at the world with love to solve my problems with others by being filled with understanding rather than with fear and hatefulness. Life is great now, I have a wealth of friends and treasure each one, old and new.

The stories I create are teaching that 5 year old about social graces in a bright color filled world. Thanks Laurel for helping me to see my audience and find my hook.