Monday, May 5, 2014

#NESCBWI14 - My Voice part 1 - On time and only one year and an hour late

As a first time attendee to the New England Society of Children's book writers and illustrators  (NESCBWI) I particularly excited because I was among the disappointed last year  who faced the tiny words "Sold Out" when attempting to register so I start this story one year late. 

In my true scatter brained approach the trip started a bit rocky, so when I hopped in the jeep I was 12 minutes late before I started and then a mad dash to find the GPS, long story short, Martin found it in the back seat. A quick marital spat, and I am off 18 minutes late.

The evening prior Martin asked "Do you have Fuel in the tank?"
"I will be ok." Famous last words. 30 minutes late for my first #NESCBWI14 volunteering spot.

As a side note: Martin is my solid rock who keeps me on schedule as much as I will allow.  If he was with me on this trip we would have been on I 495 settling into the two hour drive.

So I have arrived found a parking space. 45 minutes late.  "Checking in Heather Steffens" I said confirmation in hand.
"You have already checked in." the trainee said
A little annoyed, but room key in hand, I am ready to start the weekends adventures.

The room is beautiful, I am unpacked and about to run late for the second volunteer commitment I made. The elevators were packed and slow so I decide I will take the stairs from the 10th floor. Quick sprint down to the second floor.... the door is LOCKED. I go all the way down where the last door say "emergency exit only alarms will sound" I contemplated if this was truly an emergency. I try other doors ... LOCKED   LOCKED ... "OH SHIT".  A thin film a sweat is suddenly covering me.  I calm myself and think.  I will call the front desk. The battery is dead. "Double Oh Shit" Now I am using my imagination in a most terrifying way, I am going to spend my weekend in the stairwell. "Oh tripple F&^%". Finally, I did manage to find the one door that opened, which was kind of down a little hall and brought me to the lobby.

I managed to be on time and only one year and an hour late.

I later heard the woes of the Check-In and parking, so I  know how very luck I was.