Sunday, December 29, 2013

How to be a Picture Book Writer and Illustrator

For years I have been dragging my feet about getting serious about  writing and illustrating. It has been a hobby. I used many an excuses not to take the scary jump into being a professional but in  2013 ran out of excuses and had to get serious. Although I am unpublished I submitted 3 picture book manuscripts and have started many more.

Starting is easy, finishing had proven to be difficult but not impossible. As I near the final round of editing on P/B number four "The Travels of ACORN the barnacle larvae" I am using a system in which I create only what I need for a query  (manuscript, dummy book and limited comp drawings) understanding now that everything else was wasted energy and time. Months rather than years to query a P/B M/S is a huge improvement.

So to answer the question "How do you become a Picture Book Writer and Illustrator?" You have to do it. Write it. Illustrate a few pages. Make a simple dummy book. Write a query. Hit send.