Sunday, December 15, 2013

A little Flash Lit - 109

She could no longer hide whatever was happening to her skin. At first her clothing hid the scales easily but, winter would soon be at an end and even this far north in Maine mittens and a full face ski mask would be a bit weird.
The journey to the Antarctica felt like a mercy, to be able to keep covered all the time. When she arrived isolation was easy the others went about their business scientists and staff alike. When she served meals in the cafeteria line no one looked up from their tray this was a relief since she feared someone might notice how her pupils were changing shape.
The pull of the water became so strong she could no longer resist the research hole cut through the ice. She stripped from her heavy burden of clothing until it all lay at her webbed feet. The moonlight shimmered off her scaled body. A shiver ran up her back as a dorsal fin sprouted from her spine. She sprang into the white blackness falling until slipping into the water far below. Cold kissed her senses awake. Dark figures hung in the distance calling a piercing welcome. She followed.
Red team leader stood looking down at the cloths frozen to the ground near the scientific drill location, the installation was deserted, 109 missing and this was the only clue.